Morocco is a country of sparkling azur water along  miles of beaches on the  the Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean Sea, two rugged interior mountain ranges, the Rif and Atlas as well as barren lands.  It is also a country full of color, charm and warmth overflowing with beauty not just in it’s landscapes but in it’s towns.  Choosing ten of the most beautiful towns in Morocco is a challenge and certainly subjective.  Here are my favorites.


1. Asilah

This seaside village is on the list due to the melding of 16th century Portuguese history and the modern city An ancient fort site clings to a cliff looking as thought it might tumble to the sea at any moment. The modern city is a attraction to world known artists who use the whitewashed walls as the background for their paintings. Relax, walk around and enjoy this tranquil peaceful destination.

2. Chefchaouen

Also in northern Morocco, but in the Rif Mountains is the Blue City. Being blue is not all that is special about this city. It is nestled in the mountain and cascades down the mountain like a blue waterfall. It is a city influenced by Islamic and Andalusian architecture with it’s Moorish arches and tiled passages. Here is a place you can practice your Spanish, enjoy lovely mountain treks or hikes and, of course, eat! Be certain to visit the waterfall and the ruins of an old mosque.

3. Essaouira

Let’s travel south to visit this old hippie hangout by the ocean. It may be one of Morocco’s best kept secrets due to it’s windy conditions. But do not let that stop you from exploring this wonderful fishing village and tasting some fresh caught fish brought in from the bustling harbor. You can kite surf and wind surf or just relax on the beaches enjoying the balmy air and sun. There is also a Jewish mellah where there is a cemetery and old synagogues. Do not forget your Argan Oil!

4. Fes

What can possibly be said about this amazing UNESCO city that has not already been said. Fes is on the list because if the amazing souks that are used by the locals every day and for the narrow streets and alleys designed to prevent invasion. Some of the most spectacular tile work in Morocco is found here as is the world’s oldest university. It boasts the world’s largest pedestrian zone (no motorized vehicles allowed) Fes gives one the opportunity to step back in time and experience life as it was in 700 AD.

5. Ifrane

Surprise! Who knew that there was a Swiss mountain village in Morocco? Located high in the Atlas Mountains, this city is filled with lush gardens and parks, so colorful in the warmer months. The red tile sloped roofs and chalets add to the alpine charm of this city. While very colorful in the summer, it becomes heaven in the winter with it’s coat of white inviting skiers. tubers and snow boarders to come for a week or a weekend. Here in this city lacking hustle and bustle is a place to get away from the summer heat.

6. Marrakech

One may not think of this city as beautiful unless they think of beauty in terms if history and culture. It is probably one of the most popular cities in Morocco with it’s large old medina filled with UNESCO landmarks, beautiful old homes converted to hotels and the sights, sounds and scents of the medina. Ir is essentially a desert town with spectacular views of the Atlas mountains. This is a city for everyone regardless of your interests.

7. Meknes

A fortified city with nine entrance gates all elaborately decorated with tile work and arabasque patterns invites you to enjoy luxurious gardens, beautiful mosques and a combination of European and Islamic architecture. A visit to the palace is a must even though you cannot go inside. This city’s beauty is from the variety of spectacular architectural styles, gardens and it’s well preserved heritage.

8. Merzouga

Breathtaking vistas of bronze, gold, orange and pink dunes at sunset and sunrise await you in Merzouga. This small village can be easily walked while viewing the gorgeous red sandstone homes, or having a glass of mint tea in one of the cafes that overlook the spectacular dunes. Enjoy the tranquility and the sounds of the shifting sands.

9. Ouarzazate

This town is so special with it’s fabulous architecture and the surrounding landscapes which make it perfect for film making. The town is known for its many kasbahs, the most famous being Ait-Ben-Haddou which remains inhabited today and is frequently used as the backdrop for film making. It is a gorgeous gateway to the desert.

10. Taroudant

Such a beautiful old Berber city with it’s 16th Century walls and great mosque intact even today. The heritage is clearly visible with the walls around the old souks still displaying handicraft by local artisans as well as magnificent carpets. The step back in time adds to the beauty of this vibrant market town.

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