Morocco is a country full of magic, charm, history, culture, topography, traditions, colors, flavors and scents that will live forever in your heart and your mind.  In many places throughout Morocco, you will find cities and villages alike where it appears time stood still.  Grab your magic carpet and fulfill your dreams of the Arabian Nights while you experience the warmth and hospitality of the Moroccan people.


There are landscapes that will please your senses from the barren beauty of the desert to the large mountain lakes. There is the cedar forest of Azrou with Barbary monkeys who will entertain you with their begging. There are two major mountain ranges, The Atlas and the Rif where you can hike, camp, ski, bike and visit the mountain Berbers. Morocco has the vast Sahara Desert and the magnificent Golden dunes of the Erg Chebbi. If you like large metropolitan cities, there are those as well. The Moroccan coast line is 1835 km bordering both the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean so if beaches are your thing. you have many choices. .

Lost in time

On a visit to the Imperial cities, Fes, Meknes, Marrakech and Rabat, and others, the Medinas and mosques will make you feel you are living in another time, another dimension, far from the modern world. In Fez you will not find any transportation except for a donkey and a cart. There are musicians, street vendors, snake charmers, story tellers, spices, food, and even outdoor dentists. The souks are filled with incredible craftsmen of leather goods, bronze and even items made from camel bones. There are amazing hand crafted musical instruments, antiquities, jewelry and pottery. You can have a djellaba made while you shop. Any item you need for daily living can be found in the medinas, being made the way they always were made.

Colorful cities

Did you know that Morocco has cities of many colors? Marrakech is known as the Red City because of the color of the sand used to make the clay. Chefchaouen is the Blue City and has a large portion painted a variety of shades of blue. Asilah is the White City, home of artists from around the world. The white buildings make an excellent canvas for their frescos. Essaouria is a blue fishing village with amazing beaches and islands of legends. Visit the villages of the ancient nomadic Berbers in the south. Amazigh…freedom. Visit Zagora and Merzouga with its great golden dunes in the desert.


Do not forget to sample the local foods. Couscous, tagine, kefta, sweets, breads and lemon chicken to name a few that are musts. Top it all off with a glass of mint tea also known as Moroccan whiskey. Morocco also makes some surprisingly tasty wines.

If you are still not convinced to visit Morocco, remember that all who have visited and leave, wish they had stayed longer and most return! Your life will be changed forever.


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