A vacation to another country can be expensive. The airfare alone to Morocco could be a large portion of your trip budget. Once you are in Morocco, however, there are some ways to save a little money. I am happy to share some tips with you.

Eat From The Street

Restaurant meals can be very inexpensive; as little as 30MAD, but eating from the streets is even better. For just a few dollars, you can indulge in delicious kebabs, sausages, barbecued corn on the cob, hot roasted chicken, and huge sandwiches, among many other tasty options. Stick to eating at the local markets in the medina and you’ll spend very little money on food. Find the stall with the most people. It will have the best food!

Avoid Drinking

In Morocco, drinking alcoholic beverages is frowned upon, but you can find many places that do serve alcohol. Drinks are overpriced as alcohol is scarce in Morocco. Try a local Moroccan wine instead. They are fabulous!


Never enter a taxi before agreeing on a price as the price is extremely high for nonlocals. There are no set prices and if you do not negotiate you will spend way too much money. Taxi prices should be minimal. In town, take the petit taxi. If you are traveling around Morocco, take the grand taxi and find others to share your ride and reduce the cost.

Avoid Faux Guides

Faux guides can be found all around the medinas. Say NO and keep walking. If you need a guide and are not on a tour, ask your hotel to recommend someone.

 Be Aware of Thieves

Avoid carrying large sums of money or wearing expensive jewelry and watches. Keep your camera close. Replacing these items can be very expensive.

Car Rental

Book your car rental on arrival. Remember everything is negotiable in Morocco. You can usually bring down the price of car rental substantially. There will be a number of large International and Independent car rental services on arrival at the airport that can offer you cheaper travel round the country.

 Avoid Data Roaming

Consider how you will communicate with family while in Morocco. Being one of Africa’s richest countries, it is pretty wired up and most hotels offer complimentary Wi-Fi service, however if you are out and about, there are many Internet Cafes and Teleboutiques at your disposal. SIM cards are relatively inexpensive in Morocco.

 Learn some French phrases

The main language spoken in Morocco is Arabic but the majority of people will also speak French as a second language. Learning some conversational and useful phrases in French might not directly save you money but it will help you when haggling or trying to discuss any issues on your hotel or restaurant bill.

 Walk Away

The very best way to save money in Morocco is to just walk away! Vendors are very adept at seeing you eye one of their items and will even stand in your way to keep you from walking away. Just walk around them. Foreigners are treated with the duality of wonderful hospitality or as a chance for financial gain.

Making a Purchase

Remember that when you are quoted a price by a vendor, it is ok and expected that you will banter and bargain back and forth. It is part of the fun. The better you are at negotiating, the more money you will save.

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