In early May one of the most popular festivals in Morocco takes place, the “Festival of Roses”. The celebrating the harvest of roses in the small town of Kelaat M’gouna, located in the Dades Valley, which it is already known as the “Valley of Roses”.

In this town we find all kinds of products made with roses, from perfumes, creams, medicines and even jams. The festival attracts more than twenty thousand people willing to enjoy the dances and folk dances. For three days the town and tourists vibrate with music, colorful and fun. Three days in which to enjoy the best smell of the city: the rose water.

Activities of the festival

Different activities of all kinds are made. They start with covering the streets with a blanket of roses for shows and concerts continue outdoors with Berber groups. Many flower shows are also conducted to look in detail at each particular feature of each issue.

The last day of the festival which is usually on a Sunday, the election of Miss Roses takes place. The most beautiful women come out to dance dressed in their best kaftans and decorated with roses. You’ll also find exclusive type markets, fairs and souks these days. Do not miss the opportunity to visit a distillery where you will learn how pink rose water is made.

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