Midelt, Errachidia and Merzouga welcome you to eastern Morocco. The first two cities are your introduction to mountainous terrain with the beautiful scenery formed by the Middle Atlas range, a majestic setting that enchants and bewitches. This was also the start and end point for the caravans that once carried food to Timbuktu.

Merzouga, a small village lost in the sands, is one of the gateways to the Sahara. Here is the land of the Erg Chebbi, a world of dunes, palm groves, trails and treks. Explore the desert and these stretches of sand bathed in sun and silence. As you walk among these immense, arid forms, you will stumble upon a lake, Dayet Srij.

Waders stand in its waters as doves and wagtails soar overhead and storks hover. One of Morocco’s richest ecosystems thrives right here in the middle of the desert!

Eastern Morocco is full of curiosities, so surrender to its mountains and deserts and discover a whole other country.

Unique sports in the middle of the desert

An original way to explore this marvelous region and its many surprises is through outdoor activities – chooseone of your favorites or try something new.

Take a hike or ride a mule along the trails at the breathtaking canyons Ziz, Amsed, Tadighoust, Assoul or Amellagou, which is known as one of the world’s best mountain climbing destinations.

You can also admire the dunes at Erg Chebbi, in Merzouga, as part of a camel-riding or sand skiing excursion. If you like fast thrills, the Moulay Omar and Znigui ergs are great places for fun in an ATV or 4×4.

Seasoned fishermen and water sports aficionados will find happiness deep in the Eastern High Atlas on the banks of Tislit and Isli Lakes, which are rich in trout, pike and barbel. Romantics will appreciate the legend of the lakes, which involves a forbidden romance between lovers from warring tribes.

Spelunkers will delight in uncovering the secrets of the many caves, including Akhiam in the Imilchil area.

Tafilalet is the perfect place to stay active in a unique setting.

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